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    About The Edcon Group

    Mary Sharp and Rachel Kail

    Mary Sharp (B.S. in Education) and Rachel Kail (B.A. in Psychology) are an absolutely unique mother/daughter speaking team who have addressed dementia care issues to very large as well as small groups across the US, Canada, South Pacific and Europe. Together they cared for the matriarch of their family (Mildred Schaedler) during her 12-year journey through dementia…and became Mildred’s primary caregivers for the final four months of her remarkable life.  Their programs are known for high interaction, captivating candid photos, gripping video clips, humor, and heartfelt reflections — all elements they try to incorporate into their blog and website.  For more information, visit:

    The Edcon Group
    P.O. Box 10620
    Kansas City, MO 64188

    (ph) 800.475.4844
    (fx) 800.647.7416

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